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Single-handedly managing your brand or company’s social media strategy? Creating content while trying not to lose sight of your business development pipeline?  Manage your time more efficiently and set goals for each network by creating your own social media editorial calendar to stay ahead of the game.  We understand it can be a juggling act, but this simple method of gathering your content and scheduling out your posts in advance will make business flow that much smoother.  Every industry is different, but share a similar social planning approach.

#PROTIP: ‘Key Legend Color Code’ your monthly planning calendar – In a MS Excel doc ( by promotions, product/service launches, campaigns, blog posts, and upcoming industry event involvement etc. ) so you can easily see how much attention you are allocating to each.  Create separate category tabs for each social network so you can define your content based on how your followers consume your information on that channel. 

Planning ahead and scheduling posts allows you to avoid ‘the scramble’ and enhances the overall quality and effectiveness of your message.  Sharing quality content across your social channels is critical to engage your audience and attract new followers.

Ready for some business growth?  We understand that you are busy running your business – Partner with us so you can focus on what you do best.